Designer Handbag Cleaning

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Published: 07th September 2010
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Women love designer bags!

A designer handbag is a part of your identity; an expression of your unique style, and for that reason you should give it the care that it deserves. Pamper it as you would yourself, your home or your car. It is your close friend that carries everything dear to you. By treating your designer handbag with the utmost care, you will be increasing its longevity by years.

But, how do you care for and clean your designer handbag?

This article lists our tips on how to care for and clean your designer handbag.

1. Most designer handbags come with a dust cover, dust bag or sleeper bag. By storing your designer handbag properly, you will increase its longevity by years. It is less likely to get scratched, scuffed or stained. If you lose your protective covering, you can use a pillow case for storage. Don't use a plastic bag to store your designer handbag. If you have to store your designer handbag in your desk at work, check the drawer first for rough spots or splinters that could damage or scratch your designer handbag. Consider keeping a spare pillow case in the drawer to cover your designer handbag. For long term storage, follow this tip but in addition, use bubble wrap to stuff your designer handbag, as it does not attract moths in the same way tissue paper does.

2. Avoid handling the designer handbag after applying cosmetics or hand creams. If it is raining heavily outside, think about using a less special handbag. Be careful when you are at the hairdresser, don't leave your designer handbag on the floor, as hair products can splash onto your designer handbag and damage it. If you are going grocery shopping, think about using a less special handbag, as the shopping cart can scratch your designer handbag, or food products can spill onto it and damage it.

3. Most women carry makeup, creams, pens or keys in their designer handbag. These products unfortunately can leave marks, stains or puncture the lining. Try to keep potentially harmful products in separate containers within your designer handbag or follow our recommendation which is to purchase a handbag liner. It is a product designed to act as a barrier between your designer handbag and its contents. The best handbag liner on the market is called "Very Intelligent Pocket (VIP)". The liner contains all your essentials and can travel with you from one designer handbag to another. It has nine varying size slip pockets and a main storage section that has a draw string to keep things snug. The handbag pocket was developed by Tintamar, a French company dedicated to design innovation and problem solving ideas to make life so much simpler. The price is approximately $26 UK Pounds and it can be found online by doing a google search of "VIP Tintamar Handbag Liner".

4. Have your designer handbag treated or cleaned by a professional. We recommend Margaret's Cleaners in California. They are North America's largest and and most experienced handbag cleaner. They work with the most coveted designer labels on a regular basis. You can bring your handbag in to one of their 3 locations or mail it in. Margaret's cleans, maintains and even restores your designer handbag's original appearance. Tel: (866) 454-2375

5. Clean your designer handbag yourself. Some designer handbag owners do nothing more than wipe down their handbags with a damp cloth, others pre treat with anti stain and waterproof sprays. Always apply leather conditioners to a cloth rather than directly onto the leather. Only use the rain repellent after conditioning the handbag. Then apply the repellent in smooth sweeping motions to avoid concentrated areas of product, which if uneven could stain a handbag. Do not use car or furniture care polishes as they will damage your handbag. We recommend two products for cleaning your designer handbag with.

The John Lobb lotion which can be found at

Lovin My Bags products. The first ever system of handbag cleansing and handba care products developed to prolong the life and beauty of your designer handbags.

Their products can be found at

One last but important tip, is to read the manufacturer's caring booklet that comes with most designer handbags and to follow the instructions to a T.

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